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Ace Lansdowne India Large Cap Fund (Fund) is an open-ended scheme (second scheme) of Ace Lansdowne India Investment Fund which is registered with Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Category III Alternate Investment Fund (AIF). The Fund is an Open Ended Fund.

Fund targets to invest in the large cap equity stocks (i.e Nifty 50) of issuers domiciled in India listed on recognized stock exchanges in India.

The Fund at all times will invest minimum 80% in Large cap equity stocks (i.e Nifty 50)

The balanced portion of the Fund will be invested in stocks other than Nifty50 stocks, debt instruments and all other instruments as permissible under SEBI AIF Regulations.

The Fund is managed by an experienced investment team having more than 50 years of combined experience across market cycles. The team draws from the parent, Lansdowne Partners’ rich experience in global equities. The team is supported by best in class infrastructure and service providers.

The Fund also offers very competitive management fee structure.

For Fund documents and other pertinent Fund information please contact Ace Lansdowne Investments Services LLP at