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Ace Lansdowne
PMS Strategy

Ace Lansdowne Investments Services LLP (Ace Lansdowne) is registered with Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Portfolio Manager and is offering multiple strategies to the investor.

Ace Lansdowne Multicap Strategy is one of the strategy of Ace Lansdowne which aims to generate sustained capital appreciation through superior risk-adjusted returns across time cycles of the strategy and seeks to generate better return than the benchmark (Nifty500), while managing portfolio risk.

The strategy offers a right blend of top-down and bottom-up stock selection approach. Large-cap allocation is based on a mix of top-down and bottom-up approach, while bottom-up approach for our mid/small cap ideas based on fundamentals. It also invests in companies with strong corporate governance, high quality management pedigree and superior execution capabilities to generate better returns than the benchmark (Nifty 500).

Portfolio's exposure:
i) Large Cap stocks will be a minimum of 50%
ii) Debt and money market instruments/funds will be a maximum 20%

The strategy offers very competitive management fee structures, no entry and exit loads and is supported by robust service infrastructure for convenient investing experience.

Ace Lansdowne offers an additional flexibility in its PMS investment options called the Systematic Transfer Plan.

More About STP

For detailed information on our strategy & any other queries, do write to info@acelansdowne.com